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  1. Academy Rainbow Crystal Metal Curry Comb
    Perfect for removing excess winter coat. Learn More
  2. Farnam Leather New
    Cleans, softens and shines all leather like new. A self-polishing cleaner, it dries with a lasting shine and will not darken or discolour most types of leather. It contains lanolin, which penetrates to restore condition and suppleness to the hide. Learn More
  3. Farnam Wound Klense Spray
    A gentle, highly effective wound cleansing preparation that can be applied to clean debris and residues from healing wounds. Learn More
  4. Promectin Plus Mini For Foal and Pony
    Promectin Plus Mini is the smallest, lightest and easiest-to-use horse wormer available, providing full-strength, broad spectrum parasite control. Promectin® Plus MINI Allwormers control a wide range of worms and external parasites that can adversely impact on the health of your horse. These include large and small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms, hairworms, lungworms, threadworms, bots and the parasites that cause summer sores. Learn More
  5. Vetsense Hemo Paste
    To improve appetite, stress caused by racing/heavy training, and general health. Learn More
  6. Vetsense Nervaid
    A nutritional supplement for horses that may aid in nerve and muscle functions. It may also assist in reducing nervous behaviour in horses. Learn More
  7. Flints Medicated Oil


    Prevents the formation of excess granulation tissue or 'proud flesh', especially on the lower limbs of horses. FLINT'S MEDICATED OIL repels flies from the wound site, enabling the wound to heal naturally without any further irritation, as well as helping to ensure a minimal risk of surface infection whilst providing a protective film to the healing wound. Learn More
  8. Tuffrock Conditioner Plus


    Tuffrock Conditioner Plus is the new all-in-one liquid feed additive that supports the generation of collagen, digestive health, feed conversion and overall well-being. Learn More
  9. Virbac Rapigel Tube


    Aids in reducing inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons Relieves muscle soreness due to over-exertion, fatigue or bruising. Learn More
  10. Academy Rainbow Crystal Face Brush
    A great face brush. Learn More

61 Items(s)