Prestige use the latest advances in saddle technology to bring you the best saddle for both horse and rider. Working with world class athletes to develop saddles to suit today’s riders and horses, Prestige is a fantastic choice. Fuel your passion with a Prestige saddle today.

The Prestige Tree

The Prestige Tree, was purpose designed to provide the same elasticity as a tree made of wood, while at the same time, eliminating the negative attributes associated with a wooden tree. Made of the most modern composites it is also at least 1 kg lighter than traditional saddles. That is why Prestige offers a lifetime guarantee on the tree, except in the case of an accident. In addition, the gullet width of a Prestige saddle can always be altered. It can be narrowed or widened, depending on the shape of the horse, without having to take the saddle apart. For this reason even when the shape of the horse changes the saddle can be altered to ensure optimal fit.


Prestige has developed X-technology, a technology which presents two structural advances in the saddle; 1. It allows more refined panels bringing the rider into closer contact with the horse, in the most favourable way. 2. For the rider elastic membranes support the riders seat bones, offering unparalleled contouring to the riders’ anatomy. This in turn alleviates pressure on seat bones. Prestige giving you truly leading saddles for optimum performance.

Prestige Leather

Ever committed to ongoing product development, Prestige Italia offers advanced leather finishes in tobacco or black. SUPER Leather is a printed leather, naturally tanned, 4.5mm thick and ultra-soft to ensure excellent grip with excellent durability. LUX leather has the softness of calfskin leather but with increased durability for Australian conditions. The leather, used for the panels and the girths, is treated with an anti-sweat process, thus reducing the amount of maintenance required and reinforcing the strength within these areas.

Saddles with Flocked Panels

Panels flocked with a special synthetic fibre that prevents compression of the material and therefore requires less maintenance. These panels are especially suited to horses that are asymmetric between their front and back or vice versa.

They also offer more options: Panels +1 cm/+2 cm at the back or with half stuffing.


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