When Kentucky Horsewear was established back in 2011, it rapidly became the must-have brand for protective horse boots across all disciplines. Kentucky Horsewear’s core values are excellence and innovation, with the mission statement to provide high quality and stylish products with extreme protection and comfort for your horses during training and competition.

With Kentucky Horsewear’s expertise, you can be certain that the protection, comfort and well-being of your horse always comes first. Kentucky Horsewear’s artificial sheepskin is attached to a knitted base and laminated to a suede fabric, both air permeable and breathable. As soft and perform as real sheepskin, the artificial sheepskin has the great advantage to sustain many washes compared to the real one. Producing high quality artificial sheepskin actually costs more than real sheepskin. Kentucky Horsewear’s entire product range doesn’t contain any animal ingredients and this is worth the cost! Kentucky Horsewear is 100% animal-friendly.

Kentucky Horsewear

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  1. Kentucky Sheepskin Pastern Wrap
    The ideal sheepskin accessory, made from high quality artificial sheepskin. Learn More
  2. Kentucky Half Pad Absorb


    5-layers system Minimizes pressure Anti-slip and quick dry Thin-layer in artificial leather to relieve pressure from the withers Learn More
  3. Kentucky Sheepskin Air Tendon Boots Pair


    Thanks to the anatomic and higher cut out design, the Sheepskin Air Tendon Boots allow total freedom of movement around the pastern area when jumping. Learn More
  4. Kentucky Sheepskin Tendon Boots Elastic Pair


    The sheepskin version of Kentucky Horsewear's original tendon boots doesn’t compromise on protection, freedom and comfort. Learn More
  5. Kentucky Wool Bandages Set 4


    Soft and strong tricot Wool acrylic mixture for thickness and durability Extremely breathable for better air circulation Heavy duty Velcro fastening 4 m x 12 cm Set of 4 Learn More
  6. Kentucky Tendon Grip Gel
    Second skin feeling Protects against boot rubs, bacteria, fungus and dirt Treats hypertrophic and keloid scars Easy, safe and quick to use Washable and re-usable for performance and value Learn More

6 Item(s)